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News Analysis Made Easy

Financial and market news from around the world consolidated into one simple and easy to understand environment. Built-in information extraction, categorization and analysis ensures noise free news with relevance scores.

News stories are augumented with other similar news and data from the past. Extracted metadata about the story can lead to faster reading and analysis of the latest business news.

APIs and on-site reading provides easy access to all the raw stories and the corresponding metadata.

NewsInformatics collects, cleans, processes, extracts and indexes events from news articles around the world. It enables financial analysts to search and investigate global events, countries, companies, sectors, commodities and currencies. Analysts can search for specific news or complex events and quickly build their own dashboards, reports and alerts.

Advanced News Aggregation

  • Gather or crawl financial, market and business news
  • Noise Removal
  • Information Extraction
  • Categorization
  • API, Advanced News Readers and Alerts via email
  • News Augumentation with additional information and trend visualization around the current topic
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The story selection and placement were determined by a computer program. The date shown here are the published dates as shown on the corresponding news site.
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